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Speech of Dr Israr Ahmed at Khilafat Conference 1994

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah wa kafa wa salaat o was salam maula ambiya murslaeen.
Recitation of Surah Noor Ayat 35
Dear brothers and sisters and sons and daughters in Islam As salaam o alikum wa rahamtullah wa baraakatahu, Its indeed a great pleasure and a real honor for me to be here with you this after noon, and addressing this huge gathering of the Muslims in the heart of the western world. I am calling this place to be the heart of the western world, it occurred to my mind this very morning that United Kingdom actually is situated on the globe so that the European continent lies, the main bulk of it is to the south and east of the UK and American continent, north America is lying to the south and west of this place so actually this country sits in the presiding position in the western world,
Because of the limitation of time I want to proceed with the subject of talk directly, I just recited an ayah that is ayah number 55 of surah tun noor, surah noor was revealed in the later half of fifth year after hijrah or in the sixth year after hijrah and in this ayah Allah made three firm promises with the muslims ummah although these promises were conditional,Wa`ada Allāhu Al-Ladhīna 'Āmanū Minkum Wa `Amilū Aş-Şāliĥāti, Muslims you have to fulfill two conditions number one, to have real Imaan, not only verbal attestation, real imaan with conviction burning faith living faith and then you have to fulfill the practical implications of this faith, If you fulfill these two conditions Allah subahanahu wa’tala promises you he will give you khilafah in the earth just as he gave the khilafah to those who were before you and every reader of Qur’an must recall, the ayah of the Quraan, ya dawudo inna ja’alana ka khlifatan fil arth in the same way we shall give you khilafah in this world and the second promise, we shall make the deen which we have pleased for them and acknowledged for them it will be dominant, it will not be humiliated, it will not be down trodden wala yumakilnanalahum deenahumalaze tadalahum walayubadilannahum  mimbadi khaufihim amna and the third promise , he will change the condition of fear to those of security and peace all these three promises go to make one promise when there is khilafah for Muslims ummah there is no need for fear, there is security and there is peace and the Deen of Allah is supreme .
So actually these three promises were made I told you in the 5th or the sixth year of the hijrah  and how soon they came true , just imagine historically speaking, in the very sixth year the treaty of hudaibiyyah was concluded and Allah azzawajal him self said “inna fatahna laka fatham mubeena”, the very next year khibar was conquered, the very next year in the 8th year after hijrah , Muhmmad(saw) and his ten thousand companions  entered Mecca victoriously and within another year the whole of Arabian peninsula came under the rule of Allah azzawajal and you know after that within less than half a century the system of Caliphate , this rule of Allah on earth  that extended to a very big chunk of this globe, form the oxes  to the Atlantic, so these promises which Allah has made to the muslim ummah came to be true very soon.
But what happened after wards, now that nearly 13000 years have passed what were the stages through which the muslim ummah have been passing, and where do we stand today for that I have narrated to you a hadith of the prophet(saw), it has been included by Ahemd ibn humal in his musnad  and  the  narrator the  hadith is nauman ibn Basheer radhiallahu ta’ala anhu, I don’t want to give the literal translation, I have read out to you the complete text  and now I am giving you the essence,
The prophet (saw) enumerated five periods of time, starting from his time to the end of this world.
Number one the days of the prophet(saw) himself “khairo ummati qarni summal lazina yulaahum”  second period “ khilafah ala min haajun nabuwah”, please note the words, caliphate on the pattern of Nabuah , in the footsteps of nabuwah on the same methodology as nabuwah, the same system , the politico-socio-economic system, that Muhammad(saw) established in the Arabian peninsula after a hard revolutionary struggle, that was kept intact absolutely intact without any change during the period of khilafah Ala minhaj an nabuwah, then the third period, the prophet called it the period of cruel kingship, there were kings although they were names khilafah but they built palaces they had luxury for them, the fourth period which is very important, at least for the first period of kingship the kings were Muslims after all they verbally attested to the unity of Allah azzawajal and they Accepted Muhammad(saw) as the messenger of Allah but you know later on,  the prophet said the fourth period would be “summa takunu mulkan jabreeyyan” meaning Kingship with slavery and this is the period of colonial rule under which the whole Muslim Ummah passed, some parts of the Muslim world was under that for 200 hundred years some for 150 years some for less period but that period you know colonial rule “mulkan jabreeyan” now it must be noted  as Bro. Abu tala was saying although that period of direct colonial rule has come to an end, we seem to be free, there are so to say more than 50 or 60 free Muslim countries, so to say free Muslim countries but actually that colonial rule has not come to an end, it is still continuing the only difference is that now we are being rule and controlled indirectly, you know we people belong to the Indian sub continent and we were the British subjects for quite a long time, the king was here(in Britain) but the viceroy was there in Delhi. In the same way most of the Muslim rulers of today are the viceroys of America, they ( the Muslim rulers) are controlling there countries according to the policies of America, according to the policies of the new world order our resources are being exploited by others, our own policies are framed somewhere else so although direct rule have come to an end but it has not really come to an end but you know the good news is that this will come to an end the prophet(saw) have prophesied that it(colonial rule) will also come to an end “summa “yarfaulla izza shaa yar faaha”,  “wahuwassadiqul masdooq” He (prophet(saw)) is the true one and Allah azzawajal is himself a witness to his truthfulness  and when he said it will come to an end, it has come to an end and the Good news I am giving to you is after that the Prophet said” summa takunu khilafat al minhaj an nabuwwah”, then again there will be a period of khilafah ala minhaj an nabuwwah( caliphate in the foot steps of Prophet hood). The same system, the same politico-socio-economic system, the same unity of the ummah, the same one leader of the Muslim Ummah and one khalifah of the whole Muslim ummah not only of the whole Muslim ummah but whole of the globe because the second part of the good news is that prophet has said in more than one hadith that now when for the second time this khilafah ala minhajun nabuwwah is established on earth, it will not be limited to any part of the world, it will be global , it will over the whole of the world of humanity because firstly he was sent for the whole of humanity “wama arsalna ka illa kaaffa tallin naas’e basheeram wa nazeera”  “wama arsalna ka illa rahmat tallil aalmeen” and secondly he was sent to make the deen of Allah supreme, “Huwa Al-Ladhī 'Arsala Rasūlahu Bil-Hudaá Wa Dīni Al-Ĥaqqi Liyužhirahu `Alaá Ad-Dīni Kullihi Wa Law Kariha Al-Mushrikūna” , so this domination of the deen of Allah over the whole of human world actually when this is accomplished then only the purpose of the advent of Muhammad(saw) would be fulfilled totally and this is to come and this will come as the prophet has said sallaho alyhi wa sallam, there is a hadith from hadhrat sauban radhi allahu ta’ala anhu “Qaala Rasulullahi salallaho alyhi wasallam, innallah zawaalial ard, faraytahu mashaariqaha wa maghaaribah wa inna ummati sayubluhu wa mulku ha ma zohiaye minha- rawahu imam Muslim rahimaullah.
Harzrat sauban radhiallaho an says that Rasulullah (saw) said that Allah azzawajal folded the whole earth for me so that I saw all the easts of the earth and all the wests of the earth and take it from me that the rule of my Ummah will extend to all the regions which were shown to me by folding the earth, there are other hadith of this respect but I don’t have the time to enumerate all of them.
Now I want to discuss very briefly what actually we mean by khilafah, actually khilafah is the opposite or the antonym of sovereignty because sovereignty of this universe belongs to Allah only, who so ever claims sovereignty is claiming to be equal to Allah , to be partner of Allah, sovereignty is for Allah, “inil hukmo illa lillah”.amara illa tabudu illa iyya” “lahu mulku samawati wal ard” , kingdom of heaven on earth, you know these words of the lord’s  prayer, this is also a gem of the prophetic wisdom, “thy Kingdom come” because you  are the king of the universe , you have created the universe, kingship belongs to you(Allah), sovergnity belongs to you, your(Allah’s) will is being enforced in the heavens, oh God your will should be enforced on this earth also, This is actually khilafah and you know all the prophets of Allah they were the khulafa because the commands of Allah were coming towards them, and they were enforcing the commands of Allah subhanahu wataala, they never claimed sovereignty for them they were not kings of the peoples row and people say that Dawood (as) was kings but No, he was not a king, he was a caliph Quran says “Ya dawwodo inna ja’alnaka khalifatan fil ard” you are khalifah, you are vicegerent of Allah subhanahu watala on earth. So actually as Qur’an says “alaa lahul khalqo wal amr” To Him belongs all the creations and all the command , who has created has the right to rule, nobody else has the right to rule, accept a limited autonomy can be given that all the commands of Allah subhanahu watala should be enforced as such without any change, what to speak of 51% majority , not even 100% of human beings can change the commands of Allah subhanahu wataala, but where there is no express command , no express order, you can use your best judgment, you can make ijitaahd, so you can say that there is a limited autonomy in this, but not the sovereignty , I told you, as long as the institution of prophet hood was going on every Nabi was the khalifah of Allah, was the vicegerent of Allah. As I have quoted the ayah “  Ya dawwodo inna ja’alnaka khalifatan fil ard” then there is the hadith of Prophet Muhammad (saw) and it has been reported by Imam Bukhari “kaanat banu Israel tasusohumul ambiya kullama halaka nabiyyun khalafahu nabiyyun “ the community affairs, the political affairs of Bani Israel, they were in the hands of the prophets , whenever a Prophet died, he was succeeded by a Prophet, when hazrat Dawood died, he was succeeded by Prophet Sulemaan (as), he was also caliph of Allah subhanahu wataala, but you know that the last personal caliph of Allah was Muhammad (saw) . After him, no prohethood, no messsengerhood, no personal caliphate , after him this caliphate became the collective affair of the Ummah, this is the Khilafatul Muslimeen, now the Muslims as a community, because they accept Allah subhanahu wataala as their sovereign, they are ready to submit before his will so actually now they are entitled to the caliphate.

And that is the promise that Allah made with the Muslim ummah, “Wa`ada Allāhu Al-Ladhīna 'Āmanū Minkum Wa `Amilū Aş-Şāliĥāti” Here you know the pronoun is plural about Hazrat Dawood  “Ya dawwodo inna ja’alna”ka” khalifatan fil ard” He himself was the caliph. Now the whole Ummah is actually to become the caliph, this is the concept of caliphate which has become from personal caliphate to collective caliphate of the Ummah and this is the khilafah al ijtima’iyyah .

Now I must go to the second part of my talk, this caliphate, it cannot be established by mere wishing, we may be wishing it, it won’t be established, it cannot be established bu mere praying Prayers are always accepted by Allah swt when you have done whatever you could do, when you have spent all that you had, and then you pray to Allah swt, “O Allah I have done what I could do. Now the result is in your hand” then the prayers are accepted otherwise not. And I am saying now thing more, even you know sacrifices won’t take as anywhere unless the sacrifices are on the pattern on the methodology of Muhammad (saw). Sacrifices also go in vain. We have been seeing what has been happening in the Muslim world. More than one million lives have been lost in Afghanistan, where is the Khilafah, where is the Islamic state, still you know infighting is going on although I hope Insha’Allah in the near future there will be something good coming up out of that land . The sacrifices will bear their fruit, but you know the result up till now is very disappointing. Why? Because we are not taking to the methodology of Muhammad (saw). The caliphate cannot be established, let me quote here s saying of Imam Malik . He says “lain yasluha akhiruha zihil ummah ila bima swalaha bihi awwaloha” The last part of this ummah will not be reformed except on the pattern and methodology and on the lines on which the first part of this ummah was reformed. Now you there is relationship between that hadith and this saying of imam mailk , the first part of the ummah was khilafah ala minhanjun nubuwwah, and as the prophet foretold the last part of the Ummah will also be khilafah ala minhajun nabuwwah, so what does it mean, the same methodology will have to adopted if you want to establish khilafah for the second time, adopted by Muhammad (saw) “Wallazena ma’ahu raziallahu ta’ala ajmaeen, The same methodology will have to employed if you want to have the same result which we found by the sacrifices and Jihad -fisabillah of Muhammad saw.

Now I want to summarize in very brief words, what was that methodology. First of all call people to emaan, real emaan, real faith. Not verbal attestation alone. We are more than a billion today in this world, who testilfy Ashhadu alla ilaha illallah wa ashhaduanna muhammadar rasulullah” but what’s the fate of that one billion, more than one billion. We are one fifth of the total world population. We have the maximum resources under our feet, a very big chunk of the earth under our feet, but have we any say in the Global affairs. Does any power consult us in any international affair? Our resources are being exploited by others; why? Because we don’t have emaan, because Allah subhanahu wa tala says in clear words in Surah Ale imran “wala tahinu wala tahzanu wantumul azauna in kintum mu’mineen” “Don’t be grieved, don’t be sorrowful ; we promise you. You will be will be supreme, you will be the highest, but only if you are real mu’mins, and we are not the highest , we are the lowest, although we are Muslims, “Qalatil arabo amanna qul lam tuminu wala kin quloo aslamna “ we are Muslims only ,legal Muslim because we testify we say  Ashhadu alla ilaha illallah wa ashhaduanna muhammadar rasulullah but where is that true faith , where is the burning conviction , conviction of the presence of Allah subhanahu wa’tala, conviction of his unity, conviction of him omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, conviction of resurrection, conviction of life after death, conviction of the institution of wahi, conviction that Qur’an is the word of Allah swt . If we search our hearts, we find something , we find something missing, we do believe , we do profess to believe, but that real emaan is not there, we shall have to recultivate, regenerate, revitalize, revive that real emaan, and the only source for that would be  Quran,”huwallazi  unazzalu ala abdihi ayyaatin bayyinatin liyukhrijakum minazzulumati ilann noor “It is He ( Allah swt) who is sending down these shining signs of his wisdom and his knowledge so that he should take you out from all shades of dark nesses (kufr, shirk , ilhaad materialism, all these materialistic values . You know what are ambitions of this worldly life, luxuries, comforts, nothing else, all the sea are darknesses, shades of darknesses, and only Qur’an can take us out of it, to a very popular movement of turning towards Qur’an and getting the real faith, real emaan, burning faith, living faith, from it, that is the first stage that Muhammad saw was doing for at least 12years at Makkah,. What was he doing “yatlu alayhi ayatihi wayuzakki him wayu allimuhumul kitaaba wal hikmah “so that was the first phase of his struggle. What was the second one? “Whosoever accepts emaan or if he was a muslim, he revives, he renews his emaan and then you have to organize them into a party, there should be a party, there is a hadith from harisul ashari radiallahu tala anha and he said that the prophet said “ Amarukum bikhamsin Allahu amaribihinna bil jamaatey wassamey wa’tta’atey wahijratey wal’jihadey fi sabilillah”  now this has to be done. Organization disciplined party and you the Prophet saw although he was messenger of Allah and whosoever believed in him he had to obey him anyhow “wama yantiqu anil hawa in huwa illa wahyun yuha” he has to be obeyed anyhow but still he took the pledge from sahaba of total obedience whatever I command you have to accept, you have to obey. As you know ubada ibn samit has reported He says “Baa’yana rasulullah saw ala sam’ey wattatey fil usrey wal yusrey  wal manshatey waal makraey wa’ala asaratey alayna  hijratey wal jihadey ……….”  we gave our pledge to Prophet saw “we shall obey every command that you give us although it might be difficult or easy , although it might feel inclined to it , or we might have to force ourselves to do it , although you may prefer others to us , all these conditions you know the prophet saw already got from them and that is the sunnah of the prophet Muhammad saw  he left for the ummah, because when for the second time, the struggle for establishing khilafah will be done, there will be no nabi. No nabi is to come no, no rasool has to be sent now, only some ummati, some of the followers of Muhammad saw will take the lead. And then you know you have to give your pledge of obedience. But that pledge of obedience will be limited by the injunctions of the shariah. And that is actually the only _____and that would become the foundation stone and the constitution of hizbullah. Islamic revolutionary party to be able to bring about that change and establish the khilafah on earth. Now that’s what the organization and plz note this hadith which I have quoted. It is mutaffaqun alayh, it is accepted by Imam bukhari as well as Imam Muslim rahimullah so actually that was the second step and along with that you have to purify your souls, your intentions. This should not happen that externally you should be making jihad for the cause of Allah but within your hearts, in the bottom of your hearts you are after some worldy gains. You want some name or fame, or some work, or some position of authority but that actually will not take us anywhere.

 Yuzakkihim innamal aamalu binniyah wainnama likullim ri’immadawa” so that actually organization, training, purification of soul, that was going on for 12 years at Makkah and side by side during those 12 years , the most noteworthy thing is  which we must make very clear to the world at large  For  12 long years at makkah , order of the day was, take every persecution, whether verbal, or physical without any retaliation, no raising of hands even in self defense , there was no permission to resist . What to speak of terrorist activity, what to speak of killings and bombings. No act of even you know retaliation , not even act of self defense was allowed, you know Hazrat Sumayyah ra , Hazrat e yasir ra both were martyred, butchered , tortured like anything and then killed by Aby Jahal and at least 40 Muslism were present at that time in Makkah, and please never have the idea that they were cowards maaz’Allah summa maazAllah but there was no permission from the prophet saw , you don’t retaliate kuffu aydiyakum , keep your hands folded, have sabr, even the prophet used to pass by them , when they were being tortured by Abu Jahal, and the Prophet was saying to them “ Isbiru ya alaa yasir fainna mauidatul jannah  “ have patience o Yasir , because your place is Jannah . Allah swt will take you immediately when you will die, you will be transferred to Jannah  because shuhada, they go directly to jannah, As you know, we have you know in Surah Yaseen , when a Muslim was killed and martyred  “Qeelad khulil jannah qaula ya layta qaumi ya lamuna bima ghafarali rabbiwajalani minal mukrameen “ So that is very important, because we are finding in many of the countries, our brothers , very spirited, who are very motivated , they are very sincere, I know they are very sincere, if somebody is laying down his life , How can we doubt about his sincerity , if somebody is ready to go to jail , how can we doubt his sincerity , If somebody is ready to go to anyplace of torture, How can we doubt his sincerity.

But actually sincerity alone doesn’t guarantee success; sincerity guarantees the reward in the hereafter, but not success. For success you must have sincerity and the correct methodology of the Prophet Muhammad saw, unless both these joint together, we will not be able to establish Khilafah on earth. So we have to study the Seraah of Muhammad saw in depth and analyze it, from that we have to take the guidance, how we have to establish the seerah. We should say to the western world, Yes we are fundamentalist. We can’t make any bargain, we can’t make any compromises on the fundamentals of Islam, we have to cling to the fundamentals of islam , but we are not terrorists. We want to argue, we want to come to you with our arguments “Hatu burhanakum inkuntum saudiqeen” You bring forth your argument, we can prove our point of view, because we can prove that the only just social order can be the just social order given by Allah swt , because he is the creator of all, he loves all “Al khalqu ala ayalullah “ He can do justice to everybody . If the capitalists, they are thinking, they will think about their own interests , not the interest of the laborers. In the same way Landlords, they will be having their own interest before way, not the interest of the farmers. In the same way men cannot think about women, because they think about their own problems, women can’t think as a man, because they have to see to their own problems. Only one and that is Allah swt , because everybody is dear to Him, all are his creatures  , the system that He has give, the Law that he has given , actually that only can be the surety , that can be a gurantee of justice to all and let us see to the humanity at large , when we talk of Khilafah, we don’t talk about the community affair , about some secratarian affair, this is the mercy of Allah swt for the whole of mankind and we know, at least we know the three Abrahim faith, The Jews, the Christians and the Muslims, they should have no doubt about it. They believe in one Allah, they believe that Allah swt has sent down his word to his Prophet. All of them believe in all the prophets of the Old Testament. The Jews, the Christians, and the Muslims they all believe. They all believe that Torah was given to Moses (as) and it contained law and they know, the Christians also know that Jesus himself said that “don’t think that I have come to destroy law, this law of Allah swt which they called the Mosaic Law, the Law of Moses, they know it’s divine. It’s not the law framed by Moses, it was the law given by Allah swt and the same line actually is which has come to an end in its climax, in the person of Muhammad saw that Shariah has become complete “Al Yauma akmaltu lakum dinukum wa’atmamatu alaykum nimati wareezotaukumul al islama deena ” So actually we are working for the humanity. Muhammad saw came for the whole of humanity not for Muslims alone. But actually we are addressing Muslims to start with , because they profess that they are Muslims , because they say they believe in Allah, because they say that they believe in Muhammad saw , because they say they believe in Qur’an, actually that is why we are addressing them, that you should recall what is your duty. You should be reminded that what is your duty as Ummah and brother Abu Talha said “Kuntum Khayra 'Ummatin 'Ukhrijat Lilnnāsi Ta'murūna Bil-Ma`rūfi Wa Tanhawna `Ani Al-Munkari Wa Tu'uminūna Billāhi ” that is the only cause. We are calling all the Muslims to get together, to start a mass movement in the Muslim world, so that there reminance of the colonial rule can be done away with and we are free to unite all Muslims as Allama iqbal you know. the biggest philosopher of Islam of this century he said “Ek hon muslim haram ki paasbani key liye , neel key shail sey lekey tab khaq ka shagar” all these nationalities, all these ethnic differences, linguistic differences you know they should be cut short , they can remain there is no doubt but t you know “Wa Ja`alnākum Shu`ūbāan Wa Qabā'ila Lita`ārafū “ Its for only recognition, introduction, not for any division. The Muslim Ummah should be one and they should establish the deen of Allah because it is in mercy of humanity. Humanity is in seerah of a just social order. And we have that just social order we are the custodians of the Deen of Allah. That is actually the biggest gift for humanity from Allah SWt which came from Muhammad SAW and we have to do our duty not for us, not for our end, not for our benefit but for the benefit of the humanity at large” wama arsalnaka illa rahmatal lilalameen” because it is just social order and let me point it  here that according to the prophecies of Prophet Muhammad SAW when this Global domination of Khilafah will come it will come by a  consecutive effort, by the help of Jesus (As) . He will descend again; he was lifted alive to the heavens. He will come down and he will join hands with the Ummah of Muhammad (SAW) There will be going to be the biggest war of human history and it is there in the traditions of the Christians also and in the tradition of the Muslims also . You can read the last chapter of bible. The New Testament, the revelations and there is the mentions of Armageddon a very big war that will be fought before the end of this word between the forced of evil and forces of Good and that is what the Prophet has Prophesized SAW. In you know Kitabul malahim , the chapter of malahim in ahadith. Al malhamtul uzma . The greatest war will be fought between the forces of evil and forces of good, forces of Haqq and forces of Batil. This is going to come and at that juncture. Hazrat Maseeh as and the followers of Muhammad SAW , they will be together, fighting against those who are exploiters . Who are exploiting economically the whole of humanity, who are sucking the blood of the whole world and they are becoming fatter and fatter and richer and richer and they are controlling the world economy through IMF and through World Bank. Actually they are the forces of exploitation, against those Hazrat Masees AS and when this comes, Prophet Muhammad said Christianity will vanish. Islam and Christianity will join hands together, they will become one Deen Insha’Allah . So actually it’s a good omen that you are holding this conference here in the heart of the Christian world. But let me now complete. You know this third step I was telling. First of all call to emaan through Qur’an, purify their souls organize them into a party and go on doing this, go on doing this. Extending your base your organizational base till such time when you are strong enough to challenge these evil forces, openly in this field if that time comes. Uptil that time take all persecution without any retaliation. Must have before you the twelve years long period of passive resistance. “Isbiru “have patience. be steadfast, show forbearance but don’t retaliate , no killing, no revenge whatsoever, but after that when you feel , the Prophet felt that He is strong enough, he has enough number of men, they are committed, they are devoted they love Allah, they love akhirah, they are ready to sacrifice everything they have , their lives everything. Then he threw an open challenge to the forces of exploitation that time. What were the forces of exploitation? I am using these words knowingly, because Quraysh actually, the tribe at Makah , they were exploiting the people of Arabia in two ways. In one way, religious exploitation. Through idolatry, al the idol were present in makka. So all the tribe people used to ocme there, to visit there. They brought gifts and presents and all these gifts and presents, which were presented to the idols, they were actually the revenue of Quraysh, they were using it that was their force of income. That was their exploitation, in the name of religion, false religion. Worship of the idols, and number two on the basis of this privilege that they had, that they got the monopoly of the east west trade. Because no caravan could pass directly from the Arabian territory except the caravan of quraysh. Because they were the custodians of the Kabah. And there in Kabah were 360 idols. Every tribe as their god, as a sort of the hostage with the Quraysh. If they harmed the caravan of the Quraysh their God could be smashed. So actually both ways they were exploiting the people of Arabian Peninsula. And then Muhammad Saw threatened the life line of the Quraysh , threatened their superiority in the trade and that was the final phase of the struggle, revolutionary struggle of Muhammad SAW that armed conflict began. Now kufr retaliated with full force. First battle at Badr and then at Uhud and so on six year old war and armed conflict. And then “Wa Qul Jā'a Al-Ĥaqqu Wa Zahaqa Al-Bāţilu 'Inna Al-Bāţila Kāna Zahūqāan” Why. Because this last step was taken after preparation, after training, after purification of souls, after teaching them and making them habitual to discipline, if prematurely this step would have been taken, it would not have become successful. So that is actually , although I have very detailed video tape , I have written an urdu book, a very voluminous book on this subject , I had to summarize this in a few minutes here.

Now I want to make another point and that will be the end of the talk Insha’Allah. How are we to proceed today, can there be any change, should there be any change , should there be any Ijtihaad in the methodology of Muhammad SAW , keeping in view the conditions that they have then in many ways traditions have changed. My submission, my humble submission, it’s a food for thought, we should study , but we must make a firm resolve that we must focus our attention, on the Seerah of Muhammad SAW “laqad kana lakum fi rasulullahi uswatun hasanah” this Hasnah in every respect of life especially the very mission for which he was sent the purpose of his advent liyuzhirahu aldeeney kullihi , how could it be possible that he would not have left for us an Uswaah, the whole seerah is an uswah of  Muhammad SAW , but you know for the final step there can be an Ijtihaad and there should be an ijtihaad. Why??? Because there is a change in conditions. The condition has changed.
No1. At that time at one side were Muslims only and on the other side were Kuffar clear Kuffar . So it was a clear cut division. Today we have a Muslims on both sides. Rulers are muslism, exploiters are Muslims, the American viceroys are Muslims, they are Muslims. And people who are working for Islam are Muslims, legally they are Muslims and “Al muslimu kufful likulli muslimin”, legally they are equal.
No2. There was no established government at the time of Muhammad SAW in the Arabian Peninsula. Now you have to establish system. These Governments. They have armies, they have paramilitary forces, they have air forces, they have strength with them, so the comparison is very unequal, that si why we need some Ijtihaad and the only Ijtihaad that I have been able to find and because you know the Prophet himself said SAW “Al hikmatu dwallaltul mumin huw a ahadto biwa hayto wajadaha” Wisdom is like the lost property of a mu’min . He has more right over it, wherever he can find it. So we can find that wisdom. I can quote two persons in this century who has shown us some light regarding wisdom. First was Gandhi. He started the non violent, non cooperation agitation, and actually the britishers they know it that the roots of British Raj were weakened, through this non violent, non cooperation movement of Gandhi. So the second example has been presented by Ayatullah humaini in Iran , they never revolted, they never rose up in armed rebellion, they came on the streets, they blocked the system, they were ready to lay down their lives, and they laid down their lives in thousands, and then you know the …king had to run ways , actually this thing we should keep in mind, but if there is war , if there is possibility, then Qital Fisabilillah is not Haram, it is continuous, the Prophet has said Al jihadu mazin …….” This war fighting of the cause of Allah is permitted, it will continue and ti will remain Halal from the time of my advent to the time when the last part of my ummah will go to fight Dajjal, that Armagedon, that malhamatul uzma which as to come very soon, I a m seeing it very soon “Innahu bayedan , warnauhu bayeda” Some people say that Qaayamh is very far off. I see it coming very near and these you know signs of Qiyamah that the Prophet has given us they are coming one after the another, actually the times are very short at our disposal , may be there is going to be some holocaust …for the Muslims also, just as the Jews had their holocaust in Germany . So we should prepare and we should know every minute of our time, we should put into use the maximum use to follow the footsteps of Muhammad SAW and the last word because the title of my talk contained the word of Pakistan, I have spoken uptil now nothing about Pakistan but because the brother also mentioned something I think . Brother Abu Talha himself, that when Khilafah although it was a very weak Khilafah but still it was the symbol of unity of Muslim Ummah and the enemies of Islam were afraid of it they forced the Turkish leadership of that time, to abolish it, but actually you know when khilafah was abolished and abrogated , there was only one country in the whole world where there was a resistance movement , a movement in which there was protest and that protest was so strong that even the Hindus even Mahatma Gandhi had to join khilafah movement , what connection a Hindi had with khilafah, what connection a hindu mahatma could have with Khilafah , but he had to join because the Muslims of India . Because I find you, I am very thankful to these brothers that they have quoted Mualana Muhammad Ali Jauhar in this brochure, his wording of 1924. He was the person who shook the whole of the Indian peninsula, the south Asia with his slogan “boli Amma Muahmmad Ali ki, Jaan beta Khilafat mey dey do and actually that was the slogan throughout the lengths and breadth of India. So actually I do have some hope, although this whole world belong to Allah , Allah is the ruler of this whole universe, this khilafah can start from anywhere , this can start from anywhere but actually it will start from somewhere than then come in the whole world. It cannot come in the whole world at once, if even Muhammad SAW couldn’t bring in the whole world at once. How can we bring it in the whole world at once? It will emerge from some place and then it will go to east and west and extend. May be Allah SWT chose some down country for that cause. It just possible Hay aya hai fitnah e tataar key …..” May be Allah reject our Muslims and because we are….and he gives th banner of Islam in the hands of a nation who embraces Islam now. But if we to the Muslim Ummah Pakistan was created in the name of Islam although the conditions are very disappointing, but maybe we return to our goal , if we are reminded of the main purpose of the establishment of Pakistan. I am working for that cause in Pakistan. Pay for me and I will be praying for you. Aqoolo qaoli haza wastaghfirullah…..”

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